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About Solar Solutions Central

1462062427Solar Solutions Central [SSC] is a family-owned business, an outgrowth of the recently closed Energy Independence Group (EIG) organized in 2002 to sell large solar systems.  Since 2012, Solar Solutions Central has focused on smaller, more affordable solar units. It earns money by designing and selling appropriate technology products. Its goal is to provide products that clean up our planet.

SSC has also made a commitment to give 10% of its profits to the nonprofit charity, Clean Air Pure Water Association.  SSC is the provider of both solar energy equipment and the RapidPure line of filters to undeveloped countries.

All of the products SSC sells operate without the need for fossil fuel. As a result, they reduced air pollution and save their owners money. We are dedicated to education as a way to transition our world from burning fossil hydrocarbons to clean, alternative energy that is at a lower cost relative to their impact on the environment.

SSC is run efficiently. The Board of Directors and talented volunteers offer free consulting services because they believe in our efforts. Workers telecommute so that time and money are not wasted on driving to and from a specific location. This also results in reduced pollution. Since products are powered by solar energy, much of the product development laboratory is also solar-powered.

SSC promotes its products through this website and a variety of other media, including newsletters and blogs.  You can subscribe to our newsletters and share the solar message with friends using the share button on the newsletter.

If you are a member of an environmental organization, we would be glad to link to your website. See our Contact page and send a message.

SSC is a member of Solar Cookers International (SCI), Their website offers recipes, cooking tips and information about the various models of solar ovens now available.