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RapidPure Intrepid Water Bottle with 2.5″ Filter


The 750ml capacity bottle fits in car cup holder and features an easy-to-hold ergonomic design that is made of a BPA-free material. It has a soft non-slip, non-scratch base and a drop tested protective flip-top cover. The filter features a pre-filter wrap that is washable to remove large sediment build-up and extends sub-micron filter life.

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  • No moving parts, no electricity, no pumping, no chemicals – simple as can be.
  • One square meter of RapidPure’s UltraCeram filter media has an incredible 30,000 square meters of filter surface area.
  • Rapid Pure filters have a rated life of roughly 3750 gallons per inch of media. That is much greater than the competition.
  • Perfect for camping, hiking, hunting, emergency preparedness, and travel.


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