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Nokero N193 Solar String Lights


The Solar String Lights is the perfect way to light up your outdoor area. Each of the six N193 Solar Lights provides 10 lumens of light up to 7 hours after a day’s charge. The N193 is perfect to hang permanently as a fun and useful source of light for your patio, yard, shed or garage as they automatically turn on and off with the sun. The String Lights neatly fits in its own mesh bag for carrying to your campsite or night time picnic.

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  • Hundreds of uses – from outdoor decorating to educational toys for the kids to emergency lighting
  • Tough: Fully weatherproof and designed for the outdoors
  • Simple: Hang it once and it provides nightly light for years
  • Dependable: Includes a one year warranty and the rechargeable battery lasts up to 3 years


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