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Nokero N233 Solar Light


Tough  Fully weatherproof and designed for the world’s toughest conditions

Bright  High and low brightness settings

Simple  Hang it, hold it or stand it up

Dependable  Includes a 2-year warranty and the rechargeable battery lasts up to 5 years

During a power failure or traveling off the grid, this powerful lantern is a must. This popular Solar Light has been rated best in its class. Battery powered lanterns are good, solar powered lanterns are even better. They last a long time, they require no battery replacement and they are kinder to our environment. Designed and tested in Colorado, the Nokero N233 Solar Light is ideal for campers, mountain bikers, skiers, backpackers, and hikers as well as those preparing for emergencies.

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  • Brightness:  high – 25 lumens (great for reading or task work), low – 10 lumens (background lighting)
  • Run Time:  6 hours (high), 15 hours (low)
  • Charge Time:  6-8 hours in the sun
  • Construction:  high impact ABS, polycarbonate, stainless steel
  • Battery:  LiFePO4, 500 mAH


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