Incorporating Solar Into The Curriculum

Schools across the United States have looked to solar to both save and make money.  They have also looked to solar to teach students practical math, science and social applications.

Pierremont Elementary in Manchester, MO, installed 25-kilowatt systems on 33 buildings, creating an 825-kilowatt system, but they didn’t stop there.  They also created an online monitoring system that gives each school access to data via the school intranet.

EP Collier Primary School’s solar panels inspired students to form an eco-committee with two representatives from each class.  The committee runs conservation campaigns such as turning lights off.  Student awareness is carried home as well, which has resulted in a greener community.

Students at Newnham Croft Primary in Cambridge export data into Excel spreadsheets and construct charts and graphs, which allow them to easily compare energy generation and consumption.

How are the schools in your area incorporating solar into the curriculum?

Next week, we’ll look at ways you can get people in your schools talking about solar.




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