Cleaning Up Our Planet

Cleaning Up Our Planet

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Two hundred years ago, our planet was mostly pristine, Air was breathable, water was drinkable, and the soil was fertile. The purpose of this blog series is to explore practical means of cleaning up our planet, and restoring those desirable characteristics to the land once again.

Unless you are passionate about the future of the human race, read no farther. If you deny that burning carbon based fuel is ruining our climate, you probably think that cigarettes are a health food.

You got your misinformation from the same source.

For those still reading…

Despite the good news from Paris, severe weather will probably get worse before it gets better. The sea level will continue to rise for many years. Here are some thoughts about how to cope.

  1. Severe floods will continue to pollute our drinking water. You can load up with bottled water or purchase an efficient filter or pasteurizer. Consider pasteurizing with sunshine.
  2. Food may be in short supply. You can save money by drying fruit, vegetables and jerky in a solar dehydrator.
  3. If you lose your gas and electricity, you can still cook food with a solar cooker or an efficient wood stove. You can charge your batteries with photovoltaic solar cells.
  4. Wind will continue to wreck buildings and kill people. Prepare a livable space that is both windproof and waterproof.
  5. If you live too few feet above sea level, the value of your property is shrinking fast. Sell and move uphill now.
  6. If you live in a forest, remove trees and brush for many feet around your house. Purchase fire extinguishers.

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