Pasteurizing Water

Pasteurizing Water

The tornado season is coming and my kids wanted to stock me up with bottled water. When I found that it costs $1.22 per gallon on average. I remembered a better way.

Dr. Robert Metcalf, emeritus professor in Microbiology at California State University at Sacramento, California has shown that if water is held at 150ºF for at least 5 minutes, water is pasteurized and waterborne pathogens will be killed. See


Portable Solar Oven, All Seasons Sun Cooker, and Food Heater

LeJoy Solar Cooker


To solve the problem, I ordered a Solar Cooker from LeJoy through Amazon. It cost about $100 with free shipping.


A similar cooker is available from GoSun but it costs more.


For more detail about the LeJoy, see:


Next, I broke into our extensive inventory and withdrew a mechanical stem thermometer, a food grade rubber stopper and 2 plastic tubes that have been machined to join two of the cooker legs together as shown below. The retail cost is $30.00

I called it the SSC Model 102 W Conversion Kit.


I assembled the kit on the cooker and it looks like this.

LeJoy Solar Cooker modified by the SSC 102 W Conversion Kit.

Next, I added water and tested it. On a sunny day in Minnesota, the temperature of tap water was up to 150ºF in about 20 minutes.

Now, I am ready for any disaster that interrupts our clean water supply.

Bill Butler

Founder of Solar Solutions Central

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