Survival Food

Survival Food

In an instant, a raging wildfire, relentless hurricane or substantial snowstorm could leave you without electricity, potable water, or a reliable food source. Solar Solutions Central offers a variety of survival food stoves and water filtration systems that can help you persevere through sustained power outages and natural disasters.

Survival Food Ovens, Stoves, Cookers and Grills

Solar Solutions Central stocks a selection of solar powered ovens, stoves, grills, and cookers that makes survival food preparation both easy and efficient.

Haines 2.0 Solar Cookers

We offer both the Haines 2.0 Solar Cooker and the Haines 2.0 Solar Cooker and Dutch Oven Kit models. One of our most affordable cookers, the Haines 2.0 Solar Cooker weighs just 1.5 pounds and is completely portable. Temperatures can reach up to 325º Fahrenheit. And because it’s made from metalized polyester and polycarbonate materials, the solar stove lasts for up to five years.

The Dutch Oven Kit is a compliment to the Haines 2.0 Cooker. The black cooking pot absorbs the sun’s heat, and the top rim rests snugly on top of the clear plastic cooking sleeve. The glass lid insulates better than metal lids, and the silicone handles protect the glass without degrading in the sunlight.

All American Sun Oven

Lauded as the country’s most efficient and hassle-free solar appliance, the All American Sun Oven can both cook food and pasteurize water. Reaching up to 400º Fahrenheit, the cooker allows you to bake, steam or boil foods while still being completely portable and durable. The cooker features a dual-purpose leveling rack to ensure the prevention of spills as well as increase the usable area inside the oven. Alignment legs also make it possible to raise or lower the stove to meet the sun’s angle while still remaining stable during high winds.

You can also purchase the All American Sun Oven with accessories meant for dehydrating vegetables, meats, fruits, and herbs.

GoSun Solar Stove & Grill

Solar Solutions Central stocks two different models of GoSun solar cookers. The GoSun Grill can roast, bake and grill vegetables, meats, and breads for up to eight people. The award-winning design converts 80% of all sunlight that penetrates its reflectors into usable heat. Even cooking and mild temperatures ensure that your food retains both its nutrients and moisture.

The GoSun Sport Stove is the fastest solar oven available in the GoSun brand. Because it can reach temperatures up to 550º Fahrenheit, it can cook a meal for two people in minutes. The vacuum tube features compound parabolic reflectors that efficiently convert sunlight into heat. This high-efficiency design means that no day is too cloudy to use the GoSun Sport Stove.

You can also purchase the Sport Stove Pro Pack that comes with two stainless steel cooking trays, silicone baking pans, a starter cook booklet and carrying bag.

Solavore Solar Ovens

Built by solar-cooking experts, the Solavore Sport Solar Oven simmers like a crock pot but bakes like an oven. An efficient survival food stove, the cooker is efficient, durable and easy to use. The lightweight stove weighs nine pounds and is completely portable. It’s also well insulated, weather-resistant and made from BPA free nylon plastic.

The cooker also comes with two 10-inch graniteware pots and lids, an oven thermometer and a water pasteurization indicator. You can also purchase the oven with a TR-86 High-Performance Reflector to increase temperature range and lessen cook time.

Sunflair Oven Kits

Sunflair® Deluxe Solar Oven KitThe Sunflair Deluxe Solar Oven Kit features state-of-the-art closed cell insulation to keep the temperature up to 285º Fahrenheit. The oven is collapsible and can set-up or fold down for storage in seconds. No bigger than a seat cushion, this portable solar oven also comes with collapsible silicone pots, a baking tray, and a dehydrating rack.

Sunflair Solar Ovens are available in three sizes. A Sunflair Mini Solar Oven Kit with a 3.5 cup collapsible pot can fold down into the size of a three-ring binder. A Sunflair Standard Solar Oven Kit which folds down to the size of a seat cushion that cooks for two to three. Or select the Sunflair Deluxe Solar Oven Kit that includes a 3 lb round roaster, two baking trays, two dehydrating racks and two collapsible silicone pots.

Water Purification Systems and Indicators

Although survival food preparation is important, finding a reliable source of potable water is even more essential. Solar Solutions Central stocks both water purifying filters and pasteurization indicators to help you maintain a healthy supply of safe drinking water.

Rapid Pure Water Filters

Choose from a pocket-size purifier or a high-quality filter to transform river, lake or rainwater into potable water. The Pioneer Purifier weighs less than two ounces and comes with its own carrying case. Ready for instant use, this purifier can safely fit in your backpack, tackle box or glove department for emergency situations.

The Trailblazer Ultra-Light Camp Filters come in 2.5” and 6.5” sizes. Hook up to a pail, add water and these fine filters will remove harmful viruses, bacteria and contaminants like lead, zinc and certain types of arsenic.

North Star Water Pasteurization Indicators

If you have the means to heat water, don’t waste resources bringing it to a roiling boil. Water that is heated to 150 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 minutes is safe to drink. Our selection of water pasteurization indicators will let you know when your non-potable water is free from E. coli, salmonella and other harmful bacteria over and over again.

Don’t Get Caught Unprepared!

A natural disaster, prolonged power outage or tainted water supply could happen at any time. Don’t leave your family’s fate to chance. Invest in quality survival food preparation and water purification systems to cover the essentials during an emergency situation. Check out our available solar stoves and make an investment in your safety today!