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Bill Butler – Founder

Solar Solutions Central [SSC] is a family-owned business with headquarters in Mahtomedi, MN. It is dedicated to cleaning up our once beautiful planet and restoring the happiness of simpler times. Since 2012, Solar Solutions Central has focused on small, affordable solar-powered equipment. It supports itself by designing and building some of these renewable energy products internally. When you use these products it will help reduce our use of fossil fuel.

We offer five product lines

  1. Solar cookers, ovens, and food dehydrators
  2. Solar lights
  3. Battery chargers
  4. Solar water heating and purification systems and filters
  5. Solar tracking mechanisms

Each of these helps clean up our Planet in one way or another.  All of the products SSC sells operate without the need for fossil fuel. As a result, they reduced air pollution and save their owners money.

We use education as a way to transition our world from burning fossil hydrocarbons to clean, alternative energy.  It is now costing less than fossil fuel and has little effect on our environment.

We support a nonprofit

SSC has also made a commitment to give 10% of its profits to the nonprofit charity, such as The Environmental Defence Fund.

We offer efficient service

SSC is run efficiently. The Board of Directors and talented volunteers offer free consulting services because they believe in our efforts. Workers telecommute so that time and money are not wasted on driving to and from a specific location. This also results in reduced pollution. Since products are powered by solar energy, much of the product development laboratory will be solar-powered.

If you would like to volunteer to write and/or edit content, please let us know.

SSC promotes its products through this website and a variety of other media, including newsletters and blogs.  Click here to subscribe to our newsletters and share the solar message with friends.

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