Prepping Survival Gear

Depending on where you live, experiencing a natural disaster can be a question of when, not if. Solar Solutions Central offers a wide variety of high quality prepping survival gear that is affordable and reliable. Purchasing emergency preparedness equipment is an investment in your family’s safety and survival.

High Quality and Reliable Prepping Survival Gear

When it comes to survival preparedness, it is not about the frequency in which you use the product. Instead, it’s about knowing that your gear will be reliable and effective when disaster strikes. Since 2012, Solar Solutions Central has been committed to providing our customers with affordable solar powered and survival equipment that is compact and reliable. In fact, we back a large portion of our products with two-year warranties, at no extra cost to our customers.

Our prepping survival gear can also be used for recreational purposes, like for camping, picnics, or family get-togethers. From solar powered stoves, to water filtration systems and solar powered batteries and lights, Solar Solutions Central can help you find high quality solar powered survival gear that works within your budget.

Excellent Service

prepping survival gearAt Solar Solutions Central, we provide our customers with outstanding products and exemplary service. Our Board of Directors and talented volunteers not only believe in the quality of our products, but also their purpose. Solar powered preparedness gear is the way of the future as it provides a clean, efficient and effective way of living that is independent from other methods of energy that destroy our environment through pollution.

We have committed 10% of our profits to supporting charities that are committed to environmental activism, such as The Environmental Defense Fund. For every solar powered stove or water filtration system you buy, you are not only ensuring the safety of your family in the event of a disaster, but also funding change for a better and cleaner tomorrow.

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