All American Sun Oven


The All American Sun Oven® has retained the best qualities of the original Global Sun Oven and added many more user-friendly features to create America’s most efficient hassle-free solar appliance for cooking and water pasteurization.


  • Reaches Temperatures of 360 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in the USA
  • Bake, Boil, or Steam Foods — Boil or Pasteurize Water
  • American made with uniquely American features
  • Slow cook or cook in comparable time to conventional stove tops or ovens
  • As Portable as a Small Suitcase — Weighs just 22 lbs
  • Ruggedly Built for Years of Trouble-Free Use
  • Totally Safe — No Danger of Fire

Additional features include:

  • E-Z Sun-track indicators

The indicators have two holes. As the light of the sun shines through the top hole, a small round dot of light will appear inside the indicator. When the oven is perfectly aligned with the sun, the round dot will be centered over the bottom hole.

  • Extra thick Ultra WhiteTM Transparent Glass
  • Dual purpose leveling rack

The All American Sun Oven® is equipped with a dual-purpose leveling rack which hangs inside the oven and swings freely to prevent spilling of food in a pot on the rack. The dual-purpose leveling rack can also be set on the floor of the oven to increase the usable area inside the Sun Oven®.

  • Wind resistant alignment leg with ground stakes

The leg allows you to raise or lower the oven’s orientation to meet the sun on the horizon with increased stability. To prevent blowing over in high winds, the alignment leg can be staked to the ground or tied to a table.


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