GoSun Grill


The next evolution in cooking!

A complete redesign of the modern Grill, the GoSun Grill is a party pleaser, roasting healthy meals for eight in as little as an hour using only the Sun. Cooking more than just meat, the Grill roasts juicy vegetables, bakes delicious breads, and stews hearty soups, making it the perfect compliment to your normal backyard grill. Plus, it’s completely soot-free and requires no fuel, meaning you can cook anywhere the Sun shines.

The award-winning patented design of the GoSun Grill converts nearly 80% of all sunlight entering it’s reflectors into usable heat, even in the most challenging conditions. Featured by Top Chef, Discovery Channel, Outside Magazine, Popular Science and more. The GoSun Grill comes with a Two-Year, “No-Questions-Asked” Warranty on the vacuum cooking chamber.

GoSun is making green energy affordable and practical, providing hot, delicious meals from day one. Designed with the family in mind.


Versatile:  Roast, bake or steam

Clean:  No soot or ash to clean

No Monitoring:  Mild cooking temperatures mean you can set and go

Delicious:  Cooks evenly, retaining your food’s moisture + nutrition

Goes Anywhere:  Deck, boat, park or beach, just fold and go


– Stainless steel insulated lid

– Stainless Steel pans

– Aluminum Tray

– Soft Touch Rubber Grips

– Borosilicate Glass Vacuum Tube

– Mirrored Aluminum Reflectors (with SunDial tightener piece)

– Stainless Steel Drip Tray

– Stainless Steel Frame

– Stainless Steel Steam Tray


  • Maximum Temperature:  450°F (232°C)
  • Working Temperature:  250°F – 425°F (121°C -218°C)
  • Dry Weight:  28 lbs (12.7kg)
  • Cooking Capacity:  3.8L (Two 1.9L Trays)
  • Cooking Pans:  Stainless Steel, Qty. 2 Pans, Length: 9.8” (25cm), Width: 4.5”(11.43cm), Height: 3” (7.62 cm)
  • Unit Closed Size: Length: 25.3” (64.6cm), Height: 12.6” (32cm), Width: 11” (28cm)
  • Unit Open Size: Length: 25.3” (64.6cm), Height: 17.75” (45cm), Width: 17.75” (45cm)
  • Estimated Power Output:  250 Watts in full sunlight


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