Haines Solar Cooker & Dutch Oven Kit


Perfect for camping, boating, emergency preparedness, or keeping the heat out of the kitchen on a hot day. The Haines Solar Cooker is affordable and very portable. It weighs only 1.5 pounds and rolls up in a neat compact form that fits in a yoga mat bag that is included. It cooks like an oven up to 210-325ºF but solar-cooked food almost never burns. It is healthy because cooking at a low temperature preserves nutrients. Potatoes and vegetables cook without water. It saves electricity and gas and will pasteurize water.

The 4-quart Haines Dutch Oven is a perfect compliment for the best cooking efficiency of the Haines Solar Cooker.  The cooking pot must be BLACK on the outside to absorb the sun’s heat. It must be round with no handles, with a top rim that can rest on the top of the clear plastic cooking sleeve. The lid must also be BLACK on the outside or clear glass. This makes it perfect for the Haines Solar Cooker which never exceeds 400 degrees F (204 C).

Comprises:  Reflector, Cooking Sleeve, Circular Cover, and Dutch Oven

Made in the USA

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  • Uses no fossil fuel – only the free energy of the sun
  • Fire safe — no need for charcoal or propane
  • Durable — Metalized polyester and poly-carbonate materials will not oxidize, should last 5 years in the sun
  • Perfect for camping, boating, emergency preparedness
  • Made in the United States


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