N400 Antero Window Solar Flashlight


N400 Antero Window Solar Flashlight

The Nokero Antero is a unique solar flashlight with a well thought out design.  It can be stored in a sunny window using the powerful suction cup provided.  When you need it, it’s there —  fully charged and ready to use!  Amazingly, it provides up to 8 hours of runtime.  Use it over and over again.

The Nokero Antero is a fundamental part of any emergency preparedness plan.  When disaster strikes, light is an essential need.


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Run Time:  Up to 8 hours
Brightness:  16 lumens
No. of LEDs Used:  3
LED Wattage:  0.07W
LED Efficiency (lumens/watt):  78 LM/W
Expected Life:  20,000 hours
Storage Temperature:  -20°C to 40°C
Operating Temperature:  Max of battery is 50°C
Peak Power Watts:  0.07 watts
Maximum Power Voltage:  1.8V
Maximum Power Current:  40mA
Open Circuit Voltage:  2.1V
Short Circuit Current: 48mA


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