SSC Solar Water "Continuous Flow" Pasteurizer Kit 104 K


Clean your water using God’s free gift of sunshine! The Continuous Flow Pasteurizer Kit is an adaptation addition to your LeJoy Solar Cooker. If you’re already using the solar power to cook your food, you can now efficiently pasteurize your water with it too using our modification kit!

Our Continuous Flow Water Pasteurizer allows you to:

  • Funnel Water Easily into your LeJoy Solar Cooker and drain into your desired repositories once pasteurized.

  • Position your LeJoy Solar Cooker at an angle optimal for receiving the most sunlight in a temperate zone with our leg extenders.

  • Increase the functionality of your current LeJoy product with minimal additions to transportation and storage.

  • Pasteurize your water using solar power!




  • (2) Plastic Tubes (Leg Extenders)
  • Stainless Steel Mechanical-Stem Thermometer
  • Food-Grade Nylon Stopper
  • Solar Oven pictured not included


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