Trailblazer 6.5" Ultra-Light Camp Filter


This System is easy to use and great in the field. RapidPure is a game-changing development in camping, backpack, and emergency water filtration. While brand name water filters reduce bacteria and cysts, RapidPure captures viruses that are too small for our competitors’ filters to capture.┬áThe RapidPure filter acts both as a particulate filter and as an electro-adsorbent filter. RapidPure will also adsorb dissolved contaminants such as lead, cadmium, iron, certain forms of arsenic, zinc, and others that pass through hollow fiber and other mechanical filters. In the real world, no water stream is pure. All waters contain some mix of contamination that will eventually cause any filter to fail to reduce one contaminant or the other. This is why RapidPure has designed a family of filters to allow the user to select the best combination of filters for their particular application. With a gravity flow rate at up to 1.4 liters per minute, the filter will accept water from floods, lakes, rain, well, tap, and river. While being lightweight, it is also durable, not fragile like ceramic and filters 1,000’s of gallons depending on initial water clarity.

The Trailblazer features long-threaded connector with a hose barb connection point and Includes 2 sealing washers and a wing nut.


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  • Extremely lightweight filter
  • User drills hole in a pail, inserts the RapidPure TrailBlazer, connects a hose, closes pinch clamp, fills the bucket from a non-potable water source, opens clamp and enjoys filtered water!
  • Filter features long threaded connector with a hose barb connection point.
  • Includes 2 sealing washers and a wing nut (Hose, clamp, and pail are not included).


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